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Training Facility

This was the first construction stage of an MSK Masterplan DA for the Mariners Centre of Excellence project in Tuggerah.  The Client being the international Owner of the A League Football Club – the Central Coast Mariners Football Club (MFC).


Stage 1 moved forward with specific CC applications for Stage 1 and 1A.  This stage comprised of construction that fit the criteria attached to secured Federal government funding.  The resulting built works provide training requirements for the MFC team, and setup the Site for future development.


Stage 1; Amenities buildings (planned to allow for a future grandstand structure above when the need and funding become available), tournament/training field, futsal courts (x8) and upgrading of the Site’s infrastructure - services, on site detention tanks, and carparking.  The Amenities buildings are comprised of two separate pavilions divided by a central pedestrian street.  The separate pavilions have different uses, one for the A league soccer team - which looks onto the tournament field, the other leased to the Soccer5s franchise, with the required direct connection to the 8 Futsal courts.  Materials were selected for their robust nature and used with a simple construction logic which achieved a successful functional outcome.


Stage 1A:  The new aquatics facility comprises of; 25m training pool, 12.5m Learn to swim/hydrotherapy pool – both in ground concrete construction with specialised infiltration and heating services, Entry / Reception area and amenities.  Also provided is an additional carparking area and an upgrade to the adjacent road network.


The Indoor pool building was the first one part of two stage building; the second stage remains currently unbuilt. The building’s bulk provides an unassuming honesty in the design delivery.

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