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A section of MSK's work with Green Point Christian College is their TAS Building, completed in 2015, covering 1.624 sqm. The project involved creating a building to contain some of the most technical workshop-classrooms within the College.  Spaces include wood workshop spaces with associated machinery, storage and class rooms on a lower level, and on the upper level hospitality kitchen work spaces, staff room and amenities.  The brief called for an exercise in containing complex internal functions within a user-friendly building, set within an established educational environment.


The College is located within a bush setting, while the specific site for the TAS building is set between existing buildings and adjacent to an internal access road.  Working with the Site’s natural contours, the building embraces the sloping site by offering two levels, each level connecting directly onto open spaces adjacent to existing buildings and access ways.


The Lower level, houses the machinery filled workshops with a direct connection to the access road, allowing for deliveries.  The lower level colonnade, running along the edge of the building, helps protect users and to provide human scale elements, important in educational buildings.  On the Upper level, adjoining the hospitality spaces, there is an added feature of a courtyard function space, created from a remnant zone between buildings.  This revitalisation, knits together the new and old buildings of the school into a cohesive environment.  In this outdoor space, there is an integration of large low-level sandstone blocks bordering landscaped islands.  These provide resilient impromptu seating options and breaks up the outdoor space into smaller low-level zones. 


While working with the subtle palette of exterior materials and colours utilised by the College, the functional internal spaces are expanded to include vibrant colours, assisting with student engagement.  With a diverse mix of spaces, in tune with its setting and educational function, this building sits well within the landscape of an established education facility.

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