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About Us

At MSK Architects we pride ourselves on delivering a dynamic, efficient, and comprehensive service, underpinned by personalized client relationships. Our approach emphasizes practical, forward-thinking solutions tailored to meet our clients' diverse needs, ensuring seamless project delivery and contract administration.

Comprising a dedicated team of architects and designers, MSK Architects boasts highly skilled professionals who have garnered acclaim for their contributions to numerous award-winning projects. With extensive expertise across a spectrum of architectural disciplines, including single- and multi-residential, healthcare, aged care, community, industrial, commercial, sports, and retail sectors, our team is equipped to tackle diverse challenges.

Located in Dural and Gosford, centres of two rapidly evolving regions, we are strategically positioned to serve clients throughout the north-west of Sydney and the Central Coast. While our roots lie in New South Wales, our global footprint extends to encompass several award-winning projects completed overseas as well.

As proud members of the Australian Institute of Architects, MSK Architects is committed to upholding the highest professional standards. MSK’s nominated Architect, Sandor Duzs, also holds Registered Principal Design Practitioner, brings a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring excellence and integrity in our architectural endeavors.

With a rich history spanning over six decades, MSK Architects has evolved from its inception in the 1960s as McPherson King Architects to its current leadership under Sandor Duzs.


Founded by McPherson and King, the studio laid its foundation for architectural excellence. In 1986, Greg Smith's arrival marked a pivotal moment, catalyzing growth and shaping the firm's trajectory. By 1995, Greg's leadership as Director led to the rebranding of the firm as MSK Architects, reflecting its expanded scope and vision. The retirement of Noel (McPherson) in December 2007 transitioned the leadership reins solely to Greg Smith, further solidifying his commitment to the studio's legacy.

Esteban Olmos' addition in 2008 infused fresh talent and perspective, culminating in a transformative partnership with Smith from 2016 to 2018, which set the stage for the firm's future direction. Under Esteban Olmos' stewardship as the sole director since 2018, MSK Architects has continued to thrive, embracing innovation and delivering exceptional design solutions.


In 2018 Sandor Duzs joined MSK Architects from an associate position from DesignInc's Sydney office, and over the years, from 2020 to 2024, Sandor was the Design Director of the practice.

Sandor's ascension to lead the business in January 2024 marks a new chapter for MSK Architects, guided by a legacy of excellence and a commitment to shaping inspiring built environments for generations to come.

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