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Castle Hill

The Hills Basketball Association (HBA) required an expansion on their existing facility at Fred Caterson Reserve, Castle Hill. With our expertise the new extension of 2,390 sqm unlocks the potential of the bushland setting, providing a new central Entry point and efficient circulation connections between the new and the old.  The majority of the existing facility was retained and kept operational for the duration of the build. 


The new works comprise of a new Basketball hall, with two exhibition courts, stadium seating for 500 people, foyer, amenities, an upper level multipurpose reception area and office, and carpark.  The new amenities core is located within a central spine between the existing hall and the new hall, allowing an effective interaction between the amenities and activities on all basketball courts within the facility.  The central Foyer, a high traffic zone, has short direct access routes to all public destinations within the complex.


Materials were selected to maintain a connection with the original building’s fabric and language.  The methodology of construction components and systems were selected to accommodate expected timeframes and the budget of $4.5M. 


The Site is owned by The Hills Shire Council (THSC) and HBA have an ongoing lease in place.  For the extension works, HBA secured a loan from THSC, and so additional systems were put in place concerning Contracts and contract administration processes.

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