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MSK Architects-designed extension and alterations to Thornleigh Marketplace now approved

We are delighted to announce we have reached a significant project milestone for the extension of Thornleigh Marketplace Shopping Centre.

The Development Application is now approved by Hornsby Shire Council.

The works include a new second-floor level comprising additional retail floor space. Our design creates a brand-new additional floor on top of the existing rooftop carpark, while using its current access ramps and natural ventilation. The new 3777 m2 of retail space and elegant concourse connects to a rooftop terrace. The new facilities will serve the public with new shopping, dining, and entertaining possibilities.

A new fresh, contemporary facade upgrade highlights the renewal of the existing building.

design team | Josh Fair | Esteban Olmos | Sandor Duzs

cgi / photomontages by David Murgatroyd / ROCKHUNTER

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Ciaran Friis
Ciaran Friis
Nov 19, 2022

So…is this ever going to happen? :)

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